Amalgamated Financial Group

Technical Capabilities

Every company likes to think of themselves as forward thinking. But, at Amalgamated Financial Group we don't just think about the future, we require our technical and management personnel to surround themselves in the future. You can't think forward by doing all of your thinking in the present.

Amalgamated has the very latest processing technology. This approach to our corporate processing provides us with the most secure and reliable database management system on the market today along with the processing power to access and update those records into the next decade. At the same time, it provides Amalgamated and our client's tremendous capabilities in the "Open Environment".

Data Exchange/Interfacing
We expect no client to conform to any AFG technical requirements in order to pass or receive data. This "Open" approach to data interchange allows any client to access our data in a very transparent, unobtrusive way.

Access to AFG Database
No other receivable management firm in the Country provides the type of simple, powerful accessibility offered by AFG. Our focus is to fully empower clients using simple and effective tools without having an AFG intermediary in the middle of the process. The Internet access we provide via our web site allows our clients a multitude of functionality and value-added features