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Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing Services

The skip tracing tools utilized by Amalgamated include, our own database of millions of debtor records, Internet access using various search engines and subscriber services, checking “near-by” businesses, real estate management companies and/or landlords, Comprehensive Business report of the subject account, no find-no fee skip trace services via a 3rd party, FedEx (signature required) demand letters, the use of outside attorneys in the debtors area (helpful in their familiarity with a particular debtor and/or their access to a variety of records.). In addition, Private Investigators can also be used when the balance warrants.

Since the first order of business is to establish contact with a debtor, having a thorough process and a well trained staff, as well as the tools necessary to increase our chances of locating contact information, can be the difference of collecting on a file or not. We offer this invaluable service to our clients at no additional cost and, as part of our full-service approach!