Amalgamated Financial Group

What Makes Us Different

Reliability & Consistency - Amalgamated is proud of our exceptional track record of over 56 years as a leader in the commercial collection industry and, having established decades long partnerships with some of the most recognizable names in the corporate world! We work hard to develop and maintain long term, mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients. This is not done through “smoke & mirrors”, this is done through consistently delivering to our clients high quality service and results.

Affordability - All of our solutions are competitively priced to provide the highest net returns for and value to our clients, allowing for long-term savings! Our contingency rates are negotiable based on volume, and/or dollar size as well as, aging. Whenever negotiating rates, we do so with long-term partnerships in mind and offer affordable pricing.

Maximized Results and Superior Customer Service - We have consistently met or exceeded the industry collection averages and offer proven collection processes and programs, along with an unparalleled approach to customer service!

In-House Attorney - Unlike other agencies that send attorney letters, all collection activity through Amalgamated’s in-house attorney’s office is done via the most effective collection tool….the telephone….using the same proven collection techniques that make Amalgamated so successful! This unique service will maximize your overall collections returns and reduce write-offs while also saving you thousands of dollars in legal fees and expenses!!

Flexibility - Diversified services and business processes allows our clients to utilize the programs, uniquely customized for your specific, business needs. Amalgamated is committed to consistently support and adapt to any changes within your evolving needs.

Interactive Internet Access - Clients have the ability to view all of your files with us in “real-time” via internet access. You can also enter directives and comments directly onto the call record to be seen by the collector within seconds of transmission!

Standard and Customized Reporting - Allowing for accurate measurements and time savings in managing the OCA process.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured - Amalgamated is fully licensed, bonded and insured - providing peace of mind to our clients.