Amalgamated Financial Group


1st Party Outsourcing
In this day and age of “re-engineering”, “re-structuring”, mergers, acquisitions, and the push to “do more with less”, many companies are finding themselves in need of outside assistance through an array of “outsourcing” solutions and programs designed to address their receivable needs more effectively.
Amalgamated has been providing Outsourcing/Accounts Receivable Management Solutions for close to three decades when the need for these types of programs first began to emerge.
Whether short term “clean-up” programs or ongoing 1st party Outsourcing, a wide range of programs have been customized and developed for our clients to meet their immediate and long term collection goals!
Our solutions provide our clients with the most effective and affordable programs available, while giving special attention to their requirements and sensitivities.
Our professional staff and expertise in this area afford you a valuable extension to your internal A/R and Collection Departments.

3rd Party Collections
This service consists of concentrated telephone calls by a thoroughly trained staff of Collection Specialists.
Initial contact is made within the first 24 hours of receiving an account.
The approach is in a business-like and ethical manner while stressing the necessary urgency to resolve their past due account.

Our 3rd Party Commercial Collection programs are built on three key philosophies:

These philosophies are at the core of our proven, time-tested follow up techniques and procedures in order to bring our clients to the top of the list to be paid!
We are steadfast and consistent with our training, deployment of our collection fundamentals, quality assurance, thoroughness in which we work each and every account and leading edge technologies, allowing us to deliver to our clients net recovery rates that consistently unmatched by our competitors and exceeding industry standards!

In House Attorney Services
A critical component that greatly contributes to our exceptional returns is the additional debtor breaking point and leverage of our in-house attorney office. One of the first, and still one of the few commercial collection agencies in the United States to offer this service, Amalgamated provides this service at the same contingency fee as Amalgamated Third-party collections!
This allows our clients to maximize overall collection effectiveness and returns and, keeps a lid on the collection costs our clients incur, saving them unnecessary legal expenses that would otherwise be incurred with other agencies without that additional leverage position.
Our clients have the option of placing directly with the in-house attorney’s office or, using their services in follow up to the efforts of Amalgamated’s Collection Specialists, all at no additional cost!!

Legal Services
Amalgamated maintains a global network of attorneys specializing in commercial collection law. We use only attorneys who are members of the Commercial Law League of America, thus ensuring our clients that their accounts will be handled through bonded attorneys with expertise in Commercial collections and, who follow the strict code of ethics set forth by the CLLA. Most of our Attorneys are agreeable to handling litigation on a strictly contingent fee schedule.