Amalgamated Financial Group

About Amalgamated Financial Group

Though we offer many different Account Receivable Management solutions ranging from 1st party Outsourcing/ Soft call, audit programs, clean-up programs and, of course, traditional 3rd party collections inclusive of both in-house and outside legal handling, you will not find a single, pre-packaged program at Amalgamated. We have never found clients that have the same philosophies, cultures or goals and we don't expect to find any in the future. From the type of solution most suited to address your collection needs, to customized reporting formats, flexible remittance and invoicing cycles, communication & overall service preferences, each client's needs and requirements are handled individually and uniquely to achieve the greatest return, at the most affordable pricing and within the procedural specifications of each of our valued clients.

Amalgamated is an organization built on leading edge technology, cleverly designed for adaptability and data-system integration. Our mantra, to seek and deploy emerging technologies, along with sound business processes has kept our client partner's cost of engagement exceptionally low, while empowering them with absolute control, having complete visibility to their accounts receivable they’ve entrusted to AFG. These technologies provide powerful tools that enable us to manage, control, and process the data and information we handle on our client’s behalf. In addition, our clients have complete flexibility in file placement, reporting requirements, and remittance processing, while also providing interactive real-time Internet access through our website!

A question we often get asked is what size agency we are. Well, we're just the right size! We are large enough to accommodate all of your collection needs, providing our clients with superior collection programs and services while, also offering the latest in technology and reporting, and expertise in our field. At the same time, we are not so large that our clients have the sense of being “lost” or made to feel unimportant as with a lot of the larger agencies. Our client base consists of a blend of small-mid size companies as well as, many of the most recognizable F500 companies in the world today! So, regardless of whether a client’s needs are sporadic or, they place thousands of accounts per month, we value and appreciate each and every client and demonstrate it through the results of our efforts and the superior service we provide.

Our Commitment to the Environment

It is our mission to conduct our business and to provide our services in a responsible and sensitive environmental manner. Our natural resources are both limited and precious, AFG and its employees strive to conserve all natural resources used in or associated with the products and services provided by AFG through recycling, sustainability of forest products, waste management and energy conservation. This initiative is fully within the spirit of ISO 14001 and EICC Code of Conduct Principles. Therefore, it is our policy to identify, establish and promote sound, viable environmental practices through:

AFG is pleased to report that we are meeting all of our current goals and targets.